The strength of her songs lies in the melodies that seem to float into the ear and do not easily disappear.
— Roots Time

 The Golden Saloon  2015



Michelle McAfee is an Americana Folk Songstress with a way of weaving unforgettable melodies into vivid stories.  Born with a fierce love of mountains and wanderlust,  McAfee infuses her songwriting with a sense of place and adventure.   “I’ve always been inspired by wilderness, wild people and wild places…… I love belonging to a wide community of people who live creatively, live a little on the edge.”  She is based in Oregon where she has recorded three albums, “Up In The Air”, “Float” and the current new release “Neptune Diaries”.  


Michelle has opened shows for major acts such as The Indigo Girls, G Love & Special Sauce,  Jewel and wrote & recorded music for Shelley Niro's film “Kissed By Lightening”.  A passion for environmental and social justice issues comes through in her work and has also led her to co-create the artist collective One Soul, which takes music and art into prisons. Her previous musical career as a staff songwriter for publishers in Nashville and Los Angeles (Warner-Chappell, Sony/Maypop Music, Bluewater Music) honed her writing skills and continues to impact her current work: heartfelt songs driven by sweet hooks and smart stories.